Luxury Wish List 2019

Luxury Wish List 2019 to keep you updated!

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Feel like going a little overboard this year with your luxury wish list 2019? Need a little guide as to what you should be wishing for? Worry you not pretty ladies, here are some of de luxe goals to inspire and motivate you.

Fit that right into your “Luxury Wish List 2019”

  1. Timelessly Chanel
Lambskin & Gold – Tone Metal Black - Luxury Wish List 2019
Lambskin & Gold – Tone Metal Black

Add to wish list: Lambskin & Gold – Tone Metal Black

Every woman’s goal, of course is to own a high end designer bag from a designer like Chanel. Because the Chanel classic flap is a dream bag, a staple, and a go-to classic accessory for any wardrobe.

2. Truly British, Burberry

Add to wish list: The Kensington – Trench Coat

Oh hello, dream coat! This Made in England coat is a class and an ultimate sophistication. Add a touch of glamour to your everyday look with the history’s most opulent coat. BURBERRRYYY!!

3. Oh My Gucci Shades

Add to wish list: Cat Eye Acetate and Metal Sunglasses

Next, up your fashion game with these uber-chic Gucci Sunnies! We love these classy cat eye glasses as it gives a retro Hollywood vibe.  Know it, retro is back! So when in doubt go out and about with your Gucci sunglasses.

4. Glitter madness Jimmy Choo

Add to wish list: ROMY 100

Likewise, all that glitters is not gold but is ombre Jimmy Choo Romypumps. Something to die for, it’s this Jimmy Choo pump which is oh-so-glittery ready to sprinkle every bit of its glitter into your life! Are you ready to shine lovelies?

5. Smells like Dior

Add to wish list: Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Finally, this year buy you a fragrance that smells like love. In short, lift the spirits of everyone you encounter when you’re wearing the irresistibly cheerful scent. This exuberant fragrance by Christian Dior is indeed for cheerful women who love life.


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