Daenerys Targaryen

Why Daenerys is my favorite Game of Thrones character?

She’s a fire, untouchable, unbreakable, unstoppable. Her character is something I think every girl should look up to. She started this journey with “I want to go home” to “I will take what’s mine with fire and blood”. She is now a girl with a plan, a mission and a creator of her own story. And like they say, those kinds of girl are dangerous and they are right. In this case, a girl with a plan and some dragons can do whatever they want and get to wherever they want.

Daenerys started off as this timid, meek, submissive girl to being raped repeatedly by her husband, to eventually making him more human and fall in love with her and then losing him. To finally hatching her dragon eggs, after stepping into Drogo’s funeral pyre and emerging unscathed to finally the badass, fierce, determined and powerful Mother of Dragons.

What I simply love about Daenerys is that no matter how bad her circumstances were—being married off without consent, an abusive brother, repeated marital rape, death of the husband she had grown to love, a stillborn child, abandonment by bulk of the khalasar, near-death by starvation in a desert—her faith in herself never faltered. Her faith was what brought dragons into the world again after centuries, helped her conquer three slave cities, amass a huge fleet and army, and gain the support of a trusted and extremely capable team of advisers. Whatever she now has, she gained by her determination, the force of her personality and beneath it all, a heart of gold.

And with this, I think Season 8’s plot had been very unkind to Daenerys and her story that was told throughout this time. She deserved better if not the best. At least not to be betrayed, eventually by a person who she loved the most and leaving her only Dragon behind, alone. 



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